Passing the IRIS_ID to DSPs

The below page describes how SSPs can pass the iris_id to DSPs to enable pre-bid targeting in the DSP.

What is the iris_id?

  • The iris_id is a persistent ID assigned for every video in the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace.

  • The iris_id enables buyers to target or avoid videos based on their contextual of brand-safety definitions via their preferred DSP.

How Supply-side Platforms Pass the iris_id:

Each SSP passes the iris_id in a slightly different way, please review the below documentation for information regarding where to locate the iris_id in the bidstream:

How Demand-side Platforms Use the iris_id:

  1. Receive the iris_id from the applicable field from each SSP.

  2. Send the iris_id to your contextual data partners of choice via your pre-bid integration.

  3. Receive the contextual segments from your contextual data partners and apply targeting.

Once a DSP has integrated the above they will be able to offer video-level contextual and brand-safety targeting.