Brightcove Contextual Data Integration

The following explains how to add IRIS.TV data via the Brightcove platform.

IRIS.TV and Brightcove have a direct integration enabling publishers utilizing the Brightcove Studio platform to retrieve IRIS.TV data. See the following for more information.

There are 4 steps to add IRIS.TV data via Brightcove Studio:

  1. Provide your video meta-data to IRIS.TV from your Brightcove Studio account - see more information here 

  2. Have your Brightcove AM/SE add the IRIS.TV macros to your Studio account - your Brightcove AM/SE will need to add two custom fields to your Brightcove instance, one called iris_id and another called iris_context 

  3. Once the above custom fields have been created IRIS.TV will push the contextual data for each video to those two fields and store the values as key value pairs

  4. Once the data has been added to your Brightcove account for each video follow the instructions to pass the data to your ad server on each ad call - see more information here