Springserve: Passing Contextual Data

This page details an example of how Springserve can be used to pass contextual data.

In Springserve, publishers need to pass the "iris_context" and "iris_id" key-value pair (KVP) in the ad tag.

This is how iris_context should appear when they are passed through the Springserve ad tag:


This is how the iris_id should be passed in through the Springserve ad tag:


Using Springserve's IRIS Macros
In order to pass the values above, you will utilize IRIS specific macros in Springserve. IRIS Macros simply look for the matching query string parameter in the ad request and fill in the value with what follows the equals sign.

append queryparameter=[query_string_macro_placeholder] to your supply tag

include queryparameter= in the demand tag setup

*In Bold is an example of how the keys are defined in the Ad Server and placed on a Demand Tag.

For additional information, refer to Springserve's Macro documentation or your SpringServe Account Manager.

For more information on SpringServe's IRIS-enabled Contextual Targeting feature, please refer to this page.


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