The following explains how publishers can integrate the Context API.

The Context API can be used for activating contextual data across any web and non-web environments, including apps for any CTV/OTT devices. The Context API can also be utilized for both client and server-side integrations making it CSAI or SSAI compatible.


Before implementing the Context API, the following needs to be completed:

  • A feed with video URLs needs to be provided for IRIS.TV to import and add contextual data to assets. Video asset URLs need to link to either MP4 or m3u8 files.
  • An ad tag that can be appended with iris_context custom key-value pair.
  • Ad targeting on the iris_context key-value pair needs to be set up through the ad server.

Please speak to your IRIS.TV representative for details on these requirements.

This workflow requires three values:

  • client_token: Authentication string associated with each client. This will be provided by IRIS.TV once the content feed is imported.
  • platform_id: The reference ID for the asset from the publisher’s CMS.

  • access_token: Token used to authenticate with the IRIS.TV API. This will be provided by IRIS.TV once the content feed is imported.

Building the Integration

The order of operations for retrieving the context or category information should be as follows:

  1. Call the IRIS.TV Context API to retrieve contextual segments for the next asset in the queue.

  2. Add the context segment to the pre-roll ad tag for that video asset.

This process should be repeated as you iterate through the playlist. 

Formatting the API Call

The API call requires the client token, platform id, and access token. The client and access tokens will be provided after the initial ingest.

A sample of the Context API call:

The API will respond with a video_info field that includes:

  • iris_id : the asset’s current iris_id (hashed IRIS.TV Content ID).

  • context : contextual segments for the asset

A sample of the Context API response:

"success": true,
"video_info": {
"iris_id": "iris_098eiman91",
"context": [

Note: The Context field will be used for all IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace workflows.

After the Integration is Complete

Once the integration is complete and you’re receiving contextual segments, move on to Activating Contextual Data to the Ad Server   in order to add the data into your existing ad workflow.