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What is the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace?

This section includes all documentation pertaining to IRIS.TV’s Contextual Video Marketplace offering.

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The IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace brings together: 

  1. Publishers 

  2. Contextual data partners 

  3. Ad Servers 

  4. SSPs 

  5. DSPs 

We have simplified thousands of integration points into a single ecosystem enabling a publisher’s video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safety and brand-suitable segments that can then be purchased by any advertiser or DSP through private marketplace deals.

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Why now?

The retirement of third-party cookies and increased uncertainty from privacy regulations are presenting additional challenges for both media companies and marketers. For decades, contextual targeting, aligning advertising with relevant content, has helped advertisers in search and display improve campaign ROI, media quality, and overall performance. But for video, the fastest growing and most valuable form of media today, contextual ad targeting has not been possible - until now.


Over the past seven years, we’ve built a data pipeline to simplify the complexity of the video ecosystem across CTV, web, and mobile video. Initially designed for the onboarding of publisher video metadata to support our recommendation engine, the technology is able to unify thousands of integration points across a publisher’s content management system (CMS), video player, and ad server. IRIS.TV ingests video data from any content feed format, standardizes it into a common data model, and activates that data through the existing programmatic ecosystem. That is how contextual video targeting is possible to execute in real-time, at scale, and across all devices.