Programming Rules for Video Recommendations

IRIS.TV provides Video Recommendation publishers a set of rules to augment and limit recommendations.

All Video Recommendation publishers can set these up in the Programming Rules in IRIS Vision under the Accounts section. The rules are be broken up into two main parts: Category Lock-Offs and Recommendation Filters. 

Category Lock-Offs

A Category Lock-Off will only recommend videos that are the same category as the first video played. A Category Lock-Off can be requested directly in the Programming Rules section.

Example: A publisher sets up a category lock-off for the category Business. Once set, if an initial asset has the category Business, the recommendations will only come from other assets in that category. 

Items to Note:

  • If an initial asset has multiple categories that are locked-off, then recommendations can come from any of the lock-offs. 
  • If a Category Lock-Off only has a small number of assets, then the asset playback will stop after all videos in that category have been watched by the viewer.


Recommendation Filters

These are rules that will limit the assets that are eligible for recommendations.

Setting up too many recommendation filters can dramatically limit eligible assets and have a detrimental effect on recommendation performance. 

Do Not Recommend Flag

Any videos tagged with the term "norec" will not be recommended by IRIS.TV. "norec" can be applied in the tag or keyword field in the publisher's CMS.

Video Date Filter

IRIS.TV will only recommend videos that have been published within a specified date range. This can be requested under Custom Rule on the Programming Rules page.

Example: Assets older than 30 days cannot be recommended by IRIS.TV. Once set up, IRIS.TV removes all current assets older than 30 days from recommendations and will continue to expire assets once they are 30 days old. 

Video Length Filter

Only recommend videos that are above, below, or between a specified length (can be either minutes or seconds). This can be requested under Custom Rule on the Programming Rules page.

Example: A publisher sets a rule to only recommend assets that a have a length between 1-5 minutes.  

Video Exclusion Terms

Do not recommend videos with specific source keywords or tags. This can be requested under Custom Rule on the Programming Rules page.

Example: Assets that are tagged with "crime" will not considered for IRIS.TV recommendations