Private Marketplace Deals

The below page describes how Private Marketplace (PMP) deals can be set up utilizing IRIS-enabled video-level contextual and brand-safety data.

How to set up set up and execute video-level contextual and brand-safety PMPs

    1. Ensure your publishers are IRIS-enabled and are passing you the iris_context macro through your desired methodology (via a Tag or Pre-bid).
    2. Once the publisher has completed the steps to pass the “iris_context” custom key-value pair to their SSP the SSP will be able to utilize the key-value pair to target and curate PMPs for advertisers.

    3. The “iris_context” custom key-value pair can be mapped to any necessary field in the SSP and will contain all context and brand-safety data segments available for the applicable video.

    The iris_context macro will contain a list of custom KVPs as follows: