Email Reporting

This details what is required for IRIS.TV to set up reporting for a client’s use of Contextual Video Marketplace. This is required for all clients participating in the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace.

For clients who do not use Google Ad Manager or are unable to grant Executive-level access to IRIS.TV, you can set up reports that to be emailed to IRIS.TV. Please let your account representative know and they can provide you an email address.

For Google Ad Manager clients:

For clients using Google Ad Manager, please set-up the Context key-value pair as instructed in Step 4 in the Google Ad Manager reporting docs.

Required Dimensions, Metrics, and Frequency for the Report

The email report should contain the following dimensions:

  • Date

  • "iris_context" KVPs

  • Device

  • Country -- region, if possible

The IRIS Context dimension should be a single value per row. It should not be comma-separated.

With the following metrics:

  • Total Ad Requests

And frequency:

  • Daily