Email Reporting

The below describes how you should generally set up daily Ad Request reporting with IRIS.TV.

For clients who wish to send Ad Request data to IRIS.TV via email please follow the below steps.

Setting Up Ad Request Reporting:

Your IRIS.TV representative will provide you with an email alias you can use to send the report to.


The report should contain the following dimensions:

  • Date

  • Supply Hierarchy
  • Device

  • Country -- region, if possible

  • "iris_context" KVPs required

The following metrics:

  • Total Ad Requests

  • Total Pod Slot Opportunities or equivalent (if applicable)
  • Total Impressions
  • Attached CSV or in-email data.
  • The file cannot be password protected or a link to a portal or website.
Lookback Period:
  • Preferably 30 days, required "yesterday" at minimum - System dependent


  • Daily

Note for SpringServe users:

Once you have defined your IRIS.TV KVPs, please make sure you also assign the keys to all applicable inventory.  If this step is not completed, reporting metrics will not appear and you will not be able to back retroactively.


Last updated: 04/28/2021