Private Marketplace Buying

The following information is pertaining to how the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace activates contextual data partners segments to enable private marketplace (PMP) deals.

What are Contextual Video PMPs?

  • The IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace enables brands and marketers to target video advertising campaigns based on the topic of content they want to run adjacent to

  • Contextual video PMPs are available across any contextual data partners segments available in the marketplace

  • PMPs can target one or many contextual segments and can be activated via any SSP and DSP

 Contextual Video PMP Capabilities:
  • Ad Format: Video

  • Ad Length: Any video ad length supported

  • Devices: Desktop, mobile-web, mobile-app, CTV

  • Regions: Global

  • Floor Prices: Any range available (supply availability will be determined by floor price)

 How it Works:
  • IRIS.TV will store contextual data partners segments as 3rd party meta-data on each videos asset record in the IRIS.TV system.

  • When a video is viewed IRIS.TV will send contextual data partners segments to the publishers ad call in the form of comma-separated key value pairs.

A sample of IRIS.TV Context API response in the publisher's Ad Server:

"success": true,
"video_info": {
"iris_id": "iris_098eiman91",
"context": [
"iris_id_expires_at": 1588636800
  • Once the IRIS.TV Context API has returned the key value pairs, the publisher can pass those values to their supply-side platform.

  • The SSP can then utilize the custom macro to define any necessary private marketplace targeting for a buyer. SSPs can target one or many segments allowing for flexible PMP set up.

  • Once the SSP has set up the PMP a Deal ID will be created enabling the DSP to target the curated supply via the brands DSP Seat ID.

When live the buyer can access the PMPs seamlessly while applying additional buy-side targeting as needed.


How to Buy Contextual Video PMPs:

  • Demand-side platforms, agencies and brands can activate contextual private marketplace by reaching out to supply-side platforms participating in the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace, including:
    • Telaria, Rubicon, Spotx, Beachfront Media, Google, Xandr, Rhythm One and Verizon.
  • You can also contact IRIS.TV directly at for further assistance.