FreeWheel SSP: Passing Contextual Data

This page details how to format the iris_context KVPs in the Prebid, OpenRTB and FreeWheel tag based integrations. Integration

Prebid integration leverages the custom KVP object to pass in the iris_context and iris_id KVPs. The documentation from FreeWheel on how to format custom KVPs in a integration can be found here:

  • Contextual segment: pass in the bids.vastUrlParams._fw_context field

See this example:

var adUnits = [


    code: 'test-div', 

    sizes: [

        [300, 250],

        [728, 90]


    bids: [{

      bidder: 'freewheel-ssp',

      params: {

        zoneId: '123456',            


     vastUrlParams: {






                    "content": {

                        "title": "[title]",

                        "series": "[series]",

                        "cat": "[category]",

                        "contentrating": "TV - PG",

                        "context": 1,

                        "producer": "[producer]",

                       "id": "iris_5e709178df9352dc",

                        "name": "[network_name]"

                        "len": "[seconds]",

                        "genre": "Comedy"



OpenRTB Integration

  • Contextual segments: Pass in the site object extension field, using attribute key_val.

Here is an example of how FreeWheel requires publishers to format custom KVPs in OpenRTB:

   "site": {

        "ext": {

           "key_val": "iris:ic_5711828,ic_3192762,ic_4146983"




Tag Integration

  • Contextual Segments: pass information as key values. Pass the values behind the "_fw_context" key as follows:

See this example:[zoneid]&_fw_context=iris:ic_5711828,ic_3192762,ic_4146983