Parameter Glossary

access_token: created via OAuth 2 standard

behavior[play]: Video Starts Playing (Value = 1)

behavior[video_complete]: Video Complete (Value = 1)

behavior[pause]: Video Paused (Value = 1)

behavior[next]: Video Skipped/Next (Value = 1)

behavior[next_auto]: Next Video Played in Autoplay Mode (Value = 1)

behavior[thumbs_up]: Video voted Liked (Value = 1)

behavior[thumbs_down]: Video voted disliked (Value = 1)

behavior[percentage_watched]: Percentage of the video watched or scrubbed to (Value = 0.0 -­ 1.0)

client_token: token to authorize the client

content_URL: Link to video file on publisher’s CMS (only available if sent in during import process)

default_recs: From IRIS.TV API Response that notifies if recommendations are not based on the current asset. Only appears if set to “true.” Occurs when asset passed through in the Watch Call is unknown

experience: A unique ID for the continuous and personalized video playback session initiated on 'click to play' or autoplay, continuing until the user either exits the player, or clicks on a non-recommended video.

iris_id: IRIS.TV’s Reference ID for video

number: the number of recommendations to be displayed in the API response

platform: the name of the publisher

platform_id: the reference ID from the publisher’s CMS

release_date: Date when asset could be recommended

reviewed: Date when asset was reviewed by IRIS.TV staff

title: Title of video via publisher’s CMS

user_id: ID associated to the individual user