Magnite Streaming: Passing Contextual Data

This details how to format the iris_context and iris_id KVPs in the Magnite Streaming tag integration.

oRTB Integration

  • IRIS_ID will need to be passed to Magnite streaming via the attribute

  • IRIS_context (contextual values) will need to be passed in the site object extension field, using any of the available c values (c4 is preferred) 

Here is an example of those values:

"app": {
        "id": "xtz2u-vlqjo",
        "name": "ExampleName",
        "bundle": "12345",
        "domain": "",
        "storeurl": "",
        "publisher": {
            "id": "1009"
        "content": {
            "id": "iris_c27740c0ee5b113f",

"ext": {
        "extra": {
            "c4": "ic_0755895,ic_4890138,ic_4980180",

Tag Integration

The tag integration leverages the custom key-value pair formatting to pass in the iris_context and iris_id to Magnite Streaming.

The iris_context is passed through the c4 parameter, and the iris_id is passed through the keywords parameter.

Here is an example of how to pass the iris_context key-value through the c4 parameter :


Here is an example of how to pass the iris_id key-value through the keywords parameter:


*Please contact your Magnite account representative for additional information.