Magnite DV+: Passing the iris_id

The below describes how Magnite DV+ SSP passed the iris_id into the bidstream.

Magnite DV+ passes the iris_id to DSPs via the field. See the following example for where to locate the iris_id on Magnite DV+ ad requests.


Example of the iris_id in the field in the content object:

“content”: {
“id”: “iris_f837enao93h7f5ni2”,
“title”: “[title]”,
“series”: “[series]”,
“cat”: “[category]”,
"keywords": "[keywords]"
“contentrating”: “TV-PG”,
“context”: 1,
“producer”: “[producer]”,
“id”: “[network]”,
“name”: “[network_name]”
“len”: “[seconds]”,
“genre”: “Comedy”