Magnite DV+: Passing Contextual Data

This details how to format the iris_context KVPs in Magnite DV+ via both tag and pre-bid integrations.

*Note: Magnite DV+ does not currently support passing the iris_id.

Smartag Integration

Updating the Tag

In order to pass the first party data, the exported tags must be updated to include the necessary query parameter. Since this will be using inventory data, the parameter tg_i.context must be added to the tags.

Below is an example of an updated tag to include the first party inventory data parameter, where [PLACEHOLDER] is to be replaced by the appropriate ad server macro that will expand to the Iris.TV context value.


In the below example, the [PLACEHOLDER] has been replaced by the GAM ad server specific macro to expand into the context value being passed in the GAM call. This will ensure that when our tag is retrieved from the ad server, the context value is passed in the request, making the deal available to respond.


*Please contact your Magnite account representative for additional information.


Pre-bid Integration

The update required for Prebid is slightly different than that of a tag, as it involves updating the mapping parameters of our bidder. As per the section located here in the Prebid bidder documentation, the Rubicon Project bidder accepts optional first party data fields – inventory and visitor.

As mentioned previously in the SmartTag setup, for these deals, the inventory data field will be utilized to pass along context. Inventory must be defined as an object, in which its individual properties can be viewed as keys with corresponding values defined as an array of strings. This is a requirement even if there is only a single value for suggested key. Below is an example of how to define this field in the mapping, where value should be replaced with the Iris.TV context value.

var videoAdUnit = {

    code: 'myVideoAdUnit',

    mediaTypes: {

        video: {

            context: 'instream',

            playerSize: [640, 480],

            mimes: ['video/mp4', 'video/x-ms-wmv'] // you must review all video

            protocols: [2,3,5,6],                  // parameters to ensure validity

            api: [2],                              // for your player and DSPs


            linearity: 1



    bids: [{

        bidder: 'rubicon',                        

        params: {

            accountId: 7780,                       // replace params

            siteId: 87184,

            zoneId: 413290,

            video: {

                language: 'en'








OpenRTB Integration (XAPI)

The OpenRTB integration leverages the custom KVP object to pass in the iris_context and iris_id KVPs. The documentation from SpotX on how to format custom KVPs in OpenRTB is as follows: 

This is how "iris_context" and "iris_id" should be formatted in the custom object for the OpenRTB request:

    "imp": {

        "ext": {

            "rp": {

                "target": { "iris_context":["ic_5711828","ic_3192762","ic_4146983"]





*Please contact your Magnite account representative for additional information.