Kaltura Player Plugin

This details how to implement the Adaptive plugin for Kaltura players.

The player can be configured in the Kaltura KMC.

Install Plugins 

Open the “Plugins” Section of the Video Configuration in the Kaltura Studio

  1. Click "Create New Plugin" and enter the plugin name "iris", make sure its lowercase
Once the plugin is added, enter the following key-value pairs to the plugin's "Configuration Options" 
Name  Value 
iframeHTML5Js1 https://ovp.iris.tv/plugins/kaltura/v2/iris-kaltura.adaptive.min.js
iframeHTML5Js2 https://ovp.iris.tv/plugins/kaltura/kaltura_ui.min.js
iframeHTML5Css https://ovp.iris.tv/plugins/kaltura/kaltura_ui.min.css
iris_number Number of recommendations you would like returned by the IRIS API (Limit 20)
iris_ssl True or False.
iris_api_url https://api.iris.tv
iris_start_up_next True or False.
iris_end_up_next True or False.

Configure IRIS UI

    1. Create additional plugins (by clicking "Create New Plugin") for each UI element you would like on your player. 

    a. thumbsUp
    b. thumbsDown
    c. skipForward
    d. skipBack

          Note: Plugin names must be named exactly as described above.

    Configure the End Screen 

    If you want to use the End Screen, set-up the following:

    Open the “Look and Feel” section of Video Configuration:

    1. Turn on the “Related” field

    2. Enable “Auto Continue”

    3. Set “Auto Continue” to a time
    – Set to 5 for best results