JW Player 8.0+ Player Plugin

This details how to implement the Adaptive plugin for JW Player version 8.0 and above.

This IRIS.TV Adaptive plugin documentation is specific for the JWPlayer 8.0+ video players. This install requires placing plugins within the page HTML and sending in the specific information for the client and video.

1. Add the IRIS.TV plugin to your plugin section. Then add an event listener to initialize the plugin on the jw "play" event. Example:

var player1 = jwplayer('YOUR PLAYER ID').setup({
    primary: 'html5',
    autostart: 'true',
    width: 620,
    height: 400,
    file: '/videos/IYi8sWkK-GftQFOjv.mp4',
    preload: 'none',
    plugins: {
      "https://ovp.iris.tv/plugins/jwplayer/v2/iris-jwplayer8.adaptive.min.js": {
        settings: {
          player_id: 'YOUR PLAYER ID',
          client_token: 'YOUR CLIENT TOKEN',
          platform_id: 'YOUR INITIAL VIDEO ID',
          player_version: 'jwplayer8',
          ssl: true,
          start_up_next: true,
          end_up_next: true,
          disable_mobile_upnext: false,
        global: "iris",
        jwCMS: true,
        iris_buttons: {}

player1.once("ready", function(){
  loadIrisPlugin(player1, player1.getConfig().plugins["https://ovp.iris.tv/plugins/jwplayer/v2/iris-jwplayer8.adaptive.min.js"])

If the player page will be loaded via HTTPS then an additional parameter will be required, "ssl": true.

settings: {
                'ssl': true

Any additional IRIS.TV Adaptive plugin settings should be added to the “settings” object. More information about those can be found on the Adaptive Plugin Customization page.

The following are required:

<client_token>  is a value provided by IRIS.TV after the publisher’s content has been imported. This token is used to authenticate the asset library.

<jwCMS>  boolean value to indicate whether you are using the JW CMS to store video files.

<platform_id>  is the GUID of the initial asset. The GUID is taken from the publisher’s content feed and is the initial video's unique ID.

<player_id>  HTML element ID of the player div used to instantiate the JWplayer. it is the ID for the player.

Once the above is complete you are ready to test your player.