The following documentation explains how SSPs can send an IRIS_ID to the IRIS.TV Video Data Platform and receive data for that video.


The following documentation explains how IRIS-enabled SSPs to send an IRIS_ID to the IRIS.TV Video Data Platform and receive data for the IRIS_ID that IRIS.TV has contracted the partner to have access to.

IRIS_ID Data API Route

To retrieve video data for an IRIS_ID partners will utilize the following API route: 


Required Parameters to Authenticate the API:

The IRIS.TV team will provide the above API credentials to each SSP partner.

  • access_token: Token used to authorize with the IRIS.TV API.

  • client_token: Token used to grant access to specific data for each IRIS_ID.

  • iris_id : Unique identifier for a video asset in the IRIS.TV platform.

Example API Call:

API Response

When partner makes a request to the API with an IRIS_ID the IRIS.TV API will respond with encoded segments for each IRIS_ID. 

Example API Response:

"encoded_context": ["ic_3853860","ic_0899282","ic_6615440","ic_1840023","ic_9954675","ic_2592227","ic_5095749","ic_8597999","ic_5093698","ic_2995825","ic_6284265","ic_3782471","ic_8948180","ic_2803639","ic_0971928","ic_5307080","ic_5536173","ic_7550615","ic_2815608","ic_9595846","ic_1243353","ic_0292221","ic_2928464","ic_3539495"],"iris_id": "iris_0014bfgb48f909d5"

Decoding the Encoded Segments

IRIS.TV will provide a decoding table for SSP partners to utilize to decode each encoded segment to understand the following information:

  • Encoded Segment: IRIS.TV's encoded segment for each contextual value (available via the API response above)
  • Data Partner Segment Owner: GumGum, Pixability Grapeshot etc
  • Segment Type: IAB Category, Brand-safety, Brand-suitability, Logo, Brand, Emotion etc
  • Segment Key Value Pair: Segment Code
  • Segment Name(s): Name of segment with tiering (Tier 1-4)
  • Brand-safe Flag: Whether the segment is brand-safe (Yes/No status)
  • Date Segment Created: The date the segment was created
Decoding tables will be provided to each SSP partner upon the completion of all legal contracts.

API Responses

200: Valid call

204 : Unknown IRIS_ID

401 : Unauthorized client_token or access_token