The following documentation explains how data partners can send an IRIS_ID to the IRIS.TV Video Data Platform and receive data for that video.


The following documentation explains how IRIS-enabled data partners to send an IRIS_ID to the IRIS.TV Video Data Platform and receive data for the IRIS_ID that IRIS.TV has contracted the partner to have access to.

IRIS_ID Data API Route

To retrieve video data for an IRIS_ID partners will utilize the following API route: 


Required Parameters to Authenticate the API:

  • access_token: Token used to authorize with the IRIS.TV API

  • client_token: Token used to grant access to specific video data

  • iris_id : Unique identifier for a video asset in the IRIS.TV platform

Example API Call:

API Response

When data partners maker a request to the API with an IRIS_ID the IRIS.TV API will respond with the data the partner has been granted access to.

Data Available in API Response

When the IRIS_ID Data API send a successful 200 response, can API will return data contracted to partner. Data could include:


Normalized Video Data:

This is a normalized data set of information about the video which can include fields such as:

  • Video Title

  • Video URL

  • Video Description
  • Keywords
  • Genre
  • Show Name
  • Season/Episode Number
  • Ratings
  • Transcript

  • Video Length
  • Thumbnail URL

  • IRIS.TV Billing ID


Data Partner Segments:

These are contextual and brand-safety segments from IRIS-enabled data partners which will include segments specific to each data partner IRIS.TV works with. Data will be returned as such:

  • Data Partner Name: [Partner Name]
    • Contextual Segments: [Segments for the applicable IRIS_ID]

API Responses

200: Valid call

204 : Unknown IRIS_ID

401 : Unauthorized client_token or access_token