For You Recommendation API

The following describes how to set up For You video recommendations via the following API route


  1. Ability to request recommendations that are relevant for a specific user that can be used to populate a carousel or build a channel


  1. User_id: The ID of the user
  2. client_token: The client token provided by the IRIS.TV team
  3. access_token: The access token provided by the IRIS.TV team

Formatting the Requests:

The IRIS.TV For You API will generate a list of assets based on the behavior of the user_id passed in the API call.

API Request:

Example of the Request:


Receiving the List of Assets:

The For You Recommendation API will respond with a list of recommendations in following format:

{ "results": <list>, "count": <int>, "next": <str|None>, "prev": <str|None> }

Definition of Parameters:

  • Results: List of assets for the route
  • Count: The number of results
  • Next: Complete URL for the next page of results
  • Prev: Complete URL for the previous page of results
*Note: Next and Previous can be null if none exist.