Email Reporting - Publica

The below describes how you should set up daily Ad Request reporting in Publica with IRIS.TV.

For clients who wish to send Ad Request data to IRIS.TV via automated emails from Publica, please follow the below steps.

Setting Up Ad Request Reporting:

Your IRIS.TV representative will provide you with an email alias you can use to send your Publica reporting to.


The report should contain the following dimensions:

  • Date

  • Content Channel

  • Content Context

  • Content ID

  • Content Producer Name
  • iris_context
  • iris_id
  • Channel Name

The following metrics:

  • Bid Requests

  • Impressions
  • Attached CSV or in-email data.
  • The file cannot be password protected or a link to a portal or website.

Lookback Period:

  • Last 7 Days (unless otherwise instructed by IRIS.TV TAM)


  • Daily


  • and the unique email address assigned by IRIS.TV TAM