Data Partner PMP Process FAQs

This article will provide an overview of the PMP process and answer FAQs for IRIS-enabled™ Data Partners

Deal Setup

When can I expect deal IDs after submitting an order?

Typical deal ID turnaround times are 2 business days after submission. Please note that this can be affected by other deals in our SSP partners queue (not all necessarily IRIS-enabled™). To ensure prompt turnarounds of deal IDs, please ensure you provide as much detail as possible about the deal (budget in particular) during order submission to IRIS.TV.

I'm having trouble with a deal. Who should I contact?

See below for a rough outline of roles and responsibilities across stakeholders when creating an IRIS-enabled PMP™:

Data Partner




  • Demand Generation
  • Establishing Deal Goals & Performance (KPIs)
  • Deal Scoping
  • Deadline Management
  • Enrichment
  • Reporting
  • Deal Troubleshooting
  • Pricing Guidance
  • Deal ID Creation
  • Finalized Forecasting
  • Turnaround Times
  • SSP Deal Submission
  • Preliminary Forecasting
  • Publisher Optimizations
  • Publisher Meta Data Access
  • Assistance in Troubleshooting
  • Activating Deals


Is it possible to waive or discount the data fee CPM on a given campaign?

Due to complexities in the billing process of our platform partners, this is currently not supported.

What is the CPM fee for IRIS-enabled™ PMPs?

There is a $2 CPM fee that is applied to the price floor of the PMP.

Inventory and Forecasting

Are you able to provide forecast by geographic region?

No, due to reporting limitations on our platform partners side, we are currently not able to forecast by geographic region.

What inventory is skippable and what is not? How does a skippable ad impact ad inventory avails?

  • CTV - All CTV supply is non-skippable.

  • OLV - In certain cases, some IRIS-enabled™ publishers have skippable inventory. Please reach out to your IRIS.TV contact if you require a forecast against skippable inventory.

Is this inventory pre, mid, or post-roll?

Majority of scale is pre-roll, but we do have some mid-roll placements as well.

Do you support language-based targeting?

No, this is currently not supported unless there are language-specific contextual segments for a given data partner.

Does IRIS.TV have a sitelist they can share?

You should have access to a Supply Sources document that provides a full list of all IRIS-enabled™ publishers. Reach out to your contact at IRIS.TV


What DSPs support IRIS-enabled™ PMPs?

Any DSP that is integrated with an IRIS-enabled™ SSP can activate PMPs, assuming they have the ability to transact via Deal ID.

What SSPs are currently IRIS-enabled™?

  • Magnite (fka SpotX)
  • PubMatic