Data Partner Enrichment Integration

The following documentation explains how data partners can receive video data from IRIS.TV Video Data Platform and send their segmentation for the video.

Integration Overview:

Step 1: Providing Video Data to the Contextual Data Partner

IRIS.TV will send publisher video metadata and URLs to contextual data partners for processing.

For each new video asset IRIS.TV will:

  • Send enrichment HTTP Post requests with a JSON body of video metadata

  • Use the video URL to identify the video asset

Video metadata can include:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Length Seconds

  • Source Keywords/Genre/Categories/Show/Episode etc

  • Thumbnail URL

  • Video URL

    • either MP4 or m3u8

  • Billing ID
  • VTT file or Transcript (where available)

  • iris_id (if contracted to receive)

Sample video asset metadata JSON:

"source_url" : "",
"title" : "Dr. Phil Says It All",
"description" : "You Are A Loudmouth Bully,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guest",
"length_secs" : 136,
"thumbnail_url" : "",
"source_keywords" :
"dr phil show",
"billing_id" : 111,
 "closed_caption_url" : ""

Step 2: Sending Contextual Segments to IRIS.TV

Contextual data partners will send segments for each video to IRIS.TV to be stored and activated via IRIS.TV’s ad server integrations:

  • Data segments will be sent via an HTTP Post to IRIS.TV with a JSON body containing the segments.

  • Combination of billing_id and source_url will be used to identify the asset.

billing_id should be sent as an integer, not as a string.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --request POST \
  --data \

 '{"secret":"[secret]","url":"", "billing_id":111, "segments":["segment_1","segment_2"]}' \


Resending Segmentation for Existing Assets

Data parters can re-enrich an asset by resending the enrichment call for the combination source_url and billing_id. If that is done the new segments will overwrite the initial segments. 

Step 3: Activating Contextual Segments

  • IRIS.TV will store contextual data partners segments as 3rd party meta-data on each videos asset record in the IRIS.TV system.
  • When a video is viewed IRIS.TV will send contextual data partners segments to the publishers ad call in the form of a key value pair.