Anvato CMS

The following explains how to provide video data via the Anvato CMS platform.

Required for Import:

Before integrating an Anvato (Google Could Video) client IRIS.TV should receive:

  1. Video feed for IRIS.TV ingestion:
    1. Video Feed will be used to import the client's video metadata
  2. Secret Key:
    1. Secret Key will be required for the OVP integration

Video Feed

The video feed can an already existing feed, or a feed created for IRIS.TV In either instance, the feed should be compatible with the Anvato key that was also shared with IRIS.TV. The Anvato key configuration can found in the Playout Settings in the Feed Creation and Edit Feed screens.

The Fields should also be configured to send out the:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Publish Date
  • Expire Date (where applicable)

Sample image of Feed Configuration:


Secret Key

The Secret Key is used by IRIS.TV to authenticate videos on playback. The Secret Key should be the one associated with the Anvato key that the client is currently using for video playback.

If creating a new key, please edit the advance function to make sure that all playback devices are added.