Amazon Publisher Services Contextual Data Integration

This article explains how to pass IRIS.TV data via Amazon Publisher Services

IRIS.TV and Amazon Publisher Services have a direct integration, enabling publishers to retrieve IRIS.TV data through APS Connections Marketplace. See the following for more information.

There are 3 steps to add IRIS.TV data via APS:

  1. Provide your video meta-data to IRIS.TV from your CMS - see here for more information  on methods to pass video meta-data to IRIS.TV.

  2. Pass your video ID (GUID-Global Unique Identifier) from your CMS to APS in all Endpoint Requests via the "vid" field.  Ensure this is the same GUID you provide to IRIS.TV in your content ingestion integration.

  3. Notify your IRIS.TV and APS  Account Managers that you wish to activate the IRIS.TV CxM integration in your account.

Once the above steps have been completed the APS and IRIS.TV teams will activate the product capability for you.